Paper io 2

Paper io 2 is a game that requires strategy. The main aim of the game is to expand your area by covering empty spaces on the map and make other players hit the lines drawn by you. To play the game, you usually follow these steps:

1. Start the Game:

When you start the game, choose a name and choose the game mode. Usually there is classic mode or some special modes.

2. Use Controls:

In the game you generally move your character using your finger or an on-screen control button. Leave your mark on the map by moving your character and fill in the empty spaces.

3. Plan Your Strategy:

Expand your own area without hitting other players' tracks or areas. Be careful not to let another player hit your track.

4. Defeat Other Players:

Hit other players' tracks so you can earn points by making their captured areas yours.

5. Earn Points and Climb the Leaderboard:

The aim of the game is to capture the largest area on the map and move up the leaderboard.

Since there are many versions of the game, rules and modes may differ. But overall, becoming the biggest player in the space will be the main goal. Constantly improve your strategy during the game and try not to fall into the traps of other players. Hope you have a fun time!


Can move with W,A,S,D keys. You can look around using the mouse.

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