Wormax2.io Unblocked Game Welcome to the world of Wormax2.io, a fascinating multiplayer online action worm game where you fight against other players for valuable food in real time!

Wormax2.io is the next generation of the legendary Wormax.io. The worm moves automatically and follows the mouse cursor. If the worm's head touches the food points, it gains length depending on the food it eats. In addition, if you eat toxic foods, your height will decrease. When acceleration mode is activated, your worm loses some length. However, only 50% of the lost mass remains behind you. Besides food, the worm can find some power-ups and snails on the map.

However, unlike Wormax.io, here your worm has 3 health per battle. After each collision your character loses 1 life and some mass, but you can continue playing even after being injured. You can easily detect such wolves thanks to the bruises and bandages on the body, so it will not be difficult to catch and cut your enemy.

How to Play Wormax2.io Game?

Your worm collects food and boosters. As you grow taller, you unlock various skills:

Acceleration Mode – Increases the worm's speed. Unlocked by gaining 11 length points. To use, left click on the keyboard or press the Q button. You lose 10 points per second when using this skill.

Stop Mode – Pressing W will stop your worm for 5 seconds. You can use it when you have 100 length points.

Ghost Mode- Makes the worm invisible for 5 seconds when you press the E key. When you become invisible, your worm can pass through other worms without dying. You must have 500 length points to use the skill.

A cooldown is required after using the second and third skill. If, after a skill is unlocked, the length of the worm becomes less than required for the skill, you can still use the skill's feature. You can exchange faces with other players using the keys “1” to “5”. New records will approach once you enter the Shop, where you can use the gold you earn to upgrade your worm.


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