has ensured that the Unblocked game gaming experience is maximized. First, your cell moves at high speed. Second, there are many personalization settings. Third, you can split your cell not only into two halves, but also into three or more parts. This game is worth playing because the developers did their best. The game does not contain any lag, we can enjoy it.

How to Play Unblocked Game?

In the “Servers” menu you can choose any server you want. Different servers have different numbers of players. Also, there are experimental servers. There you can find different game upgrades that are not included in the main game. There is a Megaserver for team play. Its capacity is 1000 people. Usually, more than 500 people play there at the same time. This is a BETA server; is at the end of the list.

Cell follows mouse

W key to shrink the cell

Space Bar to divide the cell

If you open the menu and define shortcuts you can add extra keys that will be used to split your cell into 3 or 4 parts (Double split and Quad split)


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