The main goal of Yorg.io Unblocked game is to survive as long as possible. Build and defend your base. If the main building is destroyed, you lose. This game is all about chains, you have to build mines and channel them into a network to keep a little economy working for you! Collect and accumulate enough resources to supply defensive buildings such as the Arrow Tower or the Artillery Tower.

Level up the units in your base to gain more advantages. Yorg.io maximum building level 7 applies to every building in the game. The higher the level of the building, the more effective it is. Make sure to upgrade the mines first to get more resources.

During the day, it is safe to build whatever you want, but at night you must be prepared for the attack of zombies. They try to go directly to the base, so you can get a hint to build the walls first. Sometimes you don't need to build a wall in a particular place and it's absolutely safe. Once in 10 waves, mega zombies will almost destroy your base :) After the zombies are killed, the building is automatically repaired, but the destroyed building is not rebuilt.

How to Play Yorg.io Game?

WASD to change viewing angle

Shortcuts for creating buildings

N key is used to upgrade a building


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