Evades.io Unblocked is a great game where you have to progress through a series of different levels and try to escape the gray circles. Evades io is a unique and fun io game and you can work with your teammates to progress in the game. Each level has a start and end point, plus you have to pass all the levels without hitting a gray circle between the two. You also need to collect multi-colored rings in the levels to increase your level – as you level up you can increase the level of your speed and health. Become a hero as you travel through a harsh world avoiding dangerous enemies and saving friends you meet along the way. Use your invisibility and teleportation special abilities to empower yourself.

How to Play Evades.io game?

Use arrow direction keys or WASD keys to move.

Press Z and X to activate abilities 1 and 2. Or you can use the J and K keys.

Use 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to increase your speed, energy, health level regen, skill 1 and skill 2.

There are 40 areas in this world. Reach the end and unlock new heroes. To unlock heroes, you must create an account or they will not be unlocked.

The blue bar above your head is your energy.

Collect balls to gain experience! If you collect enough balls, you will level up and earn points!

Hover your cursor over the icons to see what abilities you can unlock!

Tap dead players to save them!

Press H to hide the hero information card.

Press V to hide the chat.

Press M to hide the map.

Press G to change the map view.

Hold down SHIFT to slow down.


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