Unblocked game is a battle royale 3D shooter io game. An endless space awaits you and you will fight against enemies with many weapons you will find in this game. Your goal and objective in is simply to be the last one standing. Battle royale mode is the name given to the game mode where all players drop into the unknown place, find your weapon and get ready for battle. The battle between players takes place in the red cube, if you stay outside the cube for a certain period of time you will lose the game. When you step outside the red cube, you will see a timer counting down at the beginning. You must enter the red cube channel before time runs out. If you are out of the cube at that moment, you will face an instant death. Inside the red cube you will find a region that will shrink over time. When the available land is very small, a better strategy is to have a lot of weapons, ammo and aid kits. You can find weapons and ammunition in houses, under stairs and in secret places.

How to Play Game?

Bois io is a great online battle game in Minecraft style with Battle Royale mode and 3D pixel graphics. Use different weapons to win the round. Enjoy and share with your friends! Bois offers a great gaming experience with new features brought to the popular battle royale mode. The controls of the game are quite simple and every player can get used to it in a short time.

Move forward: W

Rear movement: S

Move left: A

Move right: D

Left click: Shoot

F to get an item

Weapon switching: Available with numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.


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