Warscrap.io Unblocked game is an intense third-person attack and defense game! Defend your machines against enemy invasions with your enemy fighter weapons. You will receive an alert when an enemy attacks your machines. You can buy new weapons and character features with the energy you get during the battle.

Has a third-person perspective

Co-op battle with other players

Capturing and defending territory games

The appearance of characters can be personalized

New weapons and items available

boss enemy

How to Play Warscrap.io Game?

This is an intense and exciting io game and everything is positioned around combat. Team up with players from around the world as you fight to dominate your enemies' facilities. You must capture all of their territory and try to defeat the entire enemy team before you invade theirs.

WASD to move

L to lock/unlock

Space bar to jump

Right click to change weapon

Left click to attack

To open the e-shop menu


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