Zombs.io Unblocked game is a mixture of Minecraft and zombie tower defense. Inspired by the game MooMoo.io. Build your own base and protect it from upcoming zombie attacks. Improve your base and make it even stronger. Be careful because each attack will become stronger. How many nights can you survive?

Sometimes referred to as Zombs Online or Zombs.io. It is one of the most popular free online battle royale games. It's similar to Fortnite in some ways, but it brings a unique style to the table with its fast-paced .io mechanics, exciting seasons, challenging tournaments, and amazing gems to spend on rare skins. With Zombs, fun is unblocked! Unite with your friends to create a larger base (but be careful! More zombies will attack than usual when you play with friends).

How to Play Zombs.io?

Place your gold pile [shortcut 8] to build your base. Zombies will spawn at night, so build as soon as possible. Collect nearby stones and wood to build towers. Be sure to build gold mines to start producing gold (you use the gold to upgrade your towers and also buy items from the store (B)).

Build as many towers as you can to protect your gold pile and mines. Walls are also very important! They will protect your base and prevent zombies from attacking your towers directly. The more nights you survive, the more points you earn and the zombies will get stronger each time. Will you see the 100th night?

Navigation: WASD keys / Arrow keys

Menu deselect: Esc

Quick Boost: Shift key + E key

Sell: T key

Healing: F key

Weapon Cycle: Toolbar / Q key

Store Menu: O key / B key

Party Menu: P key

Zombs.io Strategy

Build 8 gold mines as quickly as possible to maximize your gold income.

Be sure to use the shop (B) to upgrade your pickaxe and purchase other weapons that will help with your defense.

It is very important to improve your walls. Be very careful as zombies will constantly get stronger and they may surprise you.

Place them carefully as each tower has unique features.

If you are a professional and don't have much time, make 4 tabs and join the same server, make sure each tab harvests at least 1000 stones and wood before starting the base. When building, make sure to harvest other tabs with woody resources. If your other tabs have a lot of money, be sure to place them and upgrade the harvesters. Then sell them to get the money, once you complete an emerald core start closing tabs and invite other people so more people can help repair it, also it won't be too delayed.

If you open 4 tabs, be sure to check them often to not only make sure they're live, but also to reduce the chances of them crashing. You can also place your stash and place a layer of wood around it, then add more layers for extra security. You can also surround the giant block with towers to provide more security and increase defense. I recommend using cannon turrets, melee turrets, mage turrets, and bomb turrets in the corners. Also add some arrow towers.


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