Krunker is a browser-based multiplayer first-person shooter game. The game is fast-paced and competitive despite having simple graphics. Here are some basic features of shared for you below.

Browser Based:

The game can be played via browser and does not require any downloads or installations.

Various Game Modes: includes different modes such as "Free For All", "Team Deathmatch", "Capture the Flag". Each mode has its own unique gameplay style.

Various Maps:

The game has maps of different themes and sizes. These maps allow for different strategies and play styles.

Character and Weapon Selection:

Players can choose from different characters and use a variety of weapons. Each weapon has different features and abilities.

Fast and Fun Gameplay:

The game is fast-paced and relies on reflexes. You must find opponents, aim and act tactically.

Community and Customization: is powered by a community that allows players to create and customize maps. There are also in-game customization options.

How to play Krunker

Controls are generally simple, moving with the WASD keys, aiming and shooting with the mouse. Mouse or keyboard keys are used to select different weapons. The game is popular for being browser-based, easily accessible, and can be an enjoyable option for those interested in first-person shooter games.


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