Unblocked is a simple and popular game based on word guessing and picture drawing. 100% online and free game! Each round, one player is chosen to draw something for the other players to guess. After the points reach their target, the first player according to the score is declared the winner. Gartic allows the player to create their own room and choose from 6 themes to play with friends.

In summary, draw, guess and win! game is one of the most fascinating and entertaining guessing games that is very famous today and played by a large number of people. game has many amazing features. The game has simple rules that bring lots of joy to everyone in the room and by the end of the game, laughter, happiness and good feelings fill everyone's hearts.

How to Play is a very easy game to play. Once one of the other players is chosen as the illustrator, try to guess what the drawing is. Use the answer box to submit your predictions. In addition, you can also use the chat box to have fun and talk with other players. When it's your turn to draw, use the tools to create the best drawing you can! The more players find the word, the more points you will earn.

Gartic io is very easy to play but it is very difficult to be number 1 in the game so you have to learn how to play the game. Below are the basic rules for the game in detail:

Each player has a turn in which he must draw the object and make it easier for others to guess the correct word given to him.

Other players put the answers into the “answers” box, where the correct answer is determined by the server, and the points are automatically added to the player's score.

A player can also guess an object more than once in Garticio.

All players have the “Hint” facility. The clue shows two to three initial alphabets, middle alphabets, or final alphabets. The hint feature greatly helps players guess the correct word.

Players can also skip their turn if they do not want a draw.

Players can discuss their confusion with other players in the chat box.


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