Wormate.io Unblocked is technically a game similar to Slither.io. This game has some very cool upgrades, more customization, and awesome food images that make them look even more delicious to the worms. There are power icons in the game that give your character extra powers, and when you collect these icons, you can easily defeat your opponents. There are two different playing styles in the game: single player and team game. The membership system is also offered to players to increase your awareness in the game.

How to Play Wormate.io?

Your goal in the Wormate world is to become the biggest worm, and to do this you need to constantly eat the food that appears on the map and the remains of other dead worms. To kill an enemy, you must make him hit your body with his head, but remember that anyone can eat the leftovers! This feature is two-fold, if you see large worms fighting each other, you can approach them and benefit from their remains. It is recommended that you do not fight other worms in the early stages of the game because you do not have a large enough body to trap anyone, but it is not a bad idea to go after the remains of dead worms.

Things to know about Wormate.io game

In the game, your worm moves with the indicator of your mouse, this only controls the head of the worm and it is not possible to stop your worm. You can also click and hold the left button to speed up your worms, but be aware that this feature will slowly reduce the number of points you have. The most important feature that we can use to see and kill large enemies in the game is the small map in the upper left. By looking at this map, you will see our location and competitors.


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