Unblocked game is the first original .io game that started the io games craze. You start and play the game as small as a cell. Then you eat other small cells and players to grow. In, the player manipulates a circular cell using mouse and keyboard buttons. The goal of the game is to be the largest cell in the arena (known as the map). To do this, the player must eat smaller cells and pellets while trying to avoid larger cells.

Strategy and quick thinking are the most important features in this game. This game had a simple game mode in previous times, but over time the number of game modes has increased to 4. These game modes are; all one game, team game, experience game and party game. This game has servers in many different regions and different people from all regions of the world play this game.

How to Play Game?

The membership system in the game is offered free of charge to all players. If you become a member, you can start the game a little older than other players, so you can save time and focus more on the game. In addition to the membership system, there are options to accumulate, earn and purchase coins in the game. With coins, you can buy features from the market that will strengthen your own character or give you extra options. You do not need to pay money to buy coins because the game offers players the chance to earn coins with certain tasks. There are different types of skins in the game and players are free to choose the skin they want. While playing the game, you can see the player with the best 10 points in the leader list of the players in the room.


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