Unblocked game is a free-for-all multiplayer online battle arena jumping game. In this game, you have to jump on other players, hit them on the ground and crush them! Your general goal in the game is to enlarge your character by collecting stars and to destroy other players in the game by jumping on them. There is a small map in the lower right corner of the game, so you can easily see where your own player is on the map. There are a variety of characters in the game with different colors and combinations. Players can choose these characters according to the points they have earned, or they can use them for free by activating the game by sharing it on social media.

How to Play Game?

You can use the mouse to direct your Stomped io jumping character left and right, in addition, you can use the arrow keys. Collect all the stars to have a bigger and stronger character. You can use the left mouse button or the spacebar on the keyboard to crush the opponents. You get the number of stars of each opponent you destroy by jumping, and by collecting more points you can rise to the first place in the player list.


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