Gats.ioUnblocked game is a tactical and arena war game. You start the game by choosing your weapon, armor and color. You earn points by attacking and defeating other players and progress in the game by unlocking special abilities. Gats io offers 21,600 unique classes and wigs to suit any play style. Players' scores and other statistics are recorded and can be viewed at stats

How to Play Game?

Choose your weapon, color, and armor from the selection screen, then click PLAY. You can navigate the game map using W,A,S,D keys or arrow keys. Shoot your enemies with left click. Reload your gun by pressing the R key and continue shooting. Use advanced power-ups and gain an advantage over other players by pressing the space bar. Special powers are unlocked as you earn points by damaging other players. You can view and select bonuses by clicking the yellow upgrade icon on the HUD. There are three bonus tiers in total. The first level reaches 100 points, the second level reaches 300 points, and the third level reaches 600 points.


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