Unblocked Game is an io game that aims to survive by collecting items against cold weather and hunger. Prepare a campfire to gather as many resources as possible to resist the cold of the night, feed yourself, and create your garden by planting seeds. You can survive by killing different types of animals or by running away from animals that attack you. There are different classes of weapons and equipment that players can use. It is divided into 4 different modes: normal game, hunger games, zombie game and vampire game mode.

How to Play

There are different classes of raw materials in the game, and players can improve themselves and survive with these raw materials. Players can first build their weapons and their own castles by collecting items such as wood, gold, stones, diamonds and purple rubies. Eating is the most important element to survive in the game. Meals are divided into 3 different categories. The unprocessed foods category includes berries, pumpkin, garlic, raw meat, fish and flour. Protein-based meals are cooked meat and cooked fish. Bakery products are classified as bread, sandwiches, cookies and cakes.


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