Play Unblocked, the cool fidget spinner themed multiplayer online io game! Inspired by the popular fidget spinner toy, which was created to help people cope with stress and increase their interest, it has become really popular among famous youtubers and even celebrities. allows players to play with virtual fidget spinners and compete with other players from around the world.

Don't waste any more time and start having fun! Enter a nickname, customize your toy and step into the massive arena! Players are tasked with moving their reels around the map and collecting shining colorful gems scattered throughout the playing field. At the beginning of the game, your wheel will not spin, but as you collect gems, your wheel's speed will gradually increase.

How to Play Game?

Control your fidget spinner by moving your mouse, your spinner will follow the cursor on the screen. Press the left mouse button to accelerate, it will help you escape from enemies or chase victims. In the SuperSpin io game, players can personalize their reels with different national flags, funny pictures or popular internet symbols and choose a color before entering the playing field. The minimap in the right corner of the screen shows your current location and also allows you to see the areas with the highest number of players.


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