lordz.io Unblocked game offers you an opportunity to try one of the most interesting medieval war games. Developing an army and winning against the armies of other players is one of your goals in the game. What you have to have is an army that you have to grow as time goes by. You should also know that it is necessary to build houses and grow the population of your army as the game continues. You can protect your castle with towers to better develop and grow your army. In this way, you will have a larger castle and army to achieve sustainable growth and defeat your enemies.

Lordz io is a great strategy game for a video game where you become the Lord. You are on a mission to raise the largest and most powerful army that can control the entire world. As the lord, you need to kill your enemies and conquer new lands to grow your kingdom. During the game you will unlock new Powers and Heroes. Lordz.io has 5 gaming locations in the game. These servers are Europe, US West, US East, South America and Asia respectively. So players from all over the world can play this game without any lag. The mobile version of the game is also available, you can play it from both your computer and your phone whenever you want. The game has a membership system, if you become a member, the features you gain do not disappear when you leave the game and you can use them later when you enter the game.

How to Play Lordz.io?

Knowing how to play any game can minimize the difficulty level. The same is true for lordz.io. You must know your every control and master it accordingly. You can start with the motion controls, which are very easy. Later, the control required to produce buildings, towers and soldiers in the game will come in handy.

Movement: Mouse

Dividing the army: Space bar

Constructing buildings: E

Building a tower: R

Soldier: T

Knight: Y

Archer: U

Barbarian: I

Dragon: He

Suicide: Esc


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