Unblocked is a survival game set in a two-dimensional and colorful environment. You start as a mouse and gain experience points by eating nuts and try to get to the top of the food chain. Your mission is to survive, and to do so you must avoid predators and continue moving up the food chain. There are currently 95 non-rare animals, 44 rare animals and 6 AI animals. They form a food chain where stronger, higher-level animals (outlined in red) can eat those below them (outlined in lime green). Animals lower on the food chain can kill or harm animals higher up the food chain by using their abilities or by biting tails. Animals cannot eat or harm animals of the same level. Most animals also cannot eat animals lower than about 5-8 layers. In parallel, these animals cannot bite the tails of higher animals.

How to Play

You can move and direct your character in the game with the help of your mouse. You can use the Space bar key to throw water. To use your character's own feature, you must use W or the right mouse button.

As we mentioned before, you start at the bottom of the food chain as a mouse, eating berries, gaining experience points and transforming into different creatures. While your friends and mission objects are shown with green lines around them, dangerous players are shown with red lines and as a new player you should try to avoid them! Even though you need to eat berries to move up the food chain, you also need to meet your water needs by consuming the blue bubbles that appear around puddles (larger blue bubbles). Water is consumed slowly if you walk around it, and more quickly if you run directly through it.

Things to Know About Game player controls are done with your mouse, keep in mind that certain objects may slow down or block your movement if they are larger than your character. For example, when you first spawn you can't eat or walk through mushrooms, so you're better off going around them. It is possible to speed up in the game and you can accelerate by pressing or holding the space bar, but remember that this consumes water! That's why you should pay attention to the amount of water in your character before attacking your enemies or helping your friends. In this way, you can prevent possible points losses and easily increase your chances of being first in the game.

A common strategy always used as a spider is to go to the poisonous lake found on every server. As a spider, you must weave the apexes, especially the spaces in between, so that no Apex can come and eat you. This is a popular strategy, so you probably won't be alone on the lake. You can drink the poison and if any animals roam, you can cry them out.

Occasionally a Black Widow spider may wander in. You can let them set a trap in the lake, but you don't really need it because of the poison. Once you're Dragon level, you may want to protect the Empire from the Apexes since you probably have some friends there. Do not cover the lake with a net. If it's covered in webs, you won't be able to drink the water and you'll die quickly.


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