The Unblocked game is a new massively multiplayer browser game that takes the and gaming concepts to the next level. You start the game as a creature and try to grow your character by eating the food scattered in the game. When your character grows old enough, you will be offered to choose your new creature from the development table, which has several options. You can surprise your enemies by using your character's special powers and grow bigger to eat them. There is a small map in the lower right part of the game and you can easily see the location of the enemies.

How to Play Game?

You can change your own character's appearance before starting the Creatur io game. These options are your character's skin and pattern type, pattern color and body color. You must use your mouse to direct your character. In addition, you can use the menu keys or the keyboard keys for those features to use special powers for your character. Remember, each special character has its own special powers. With these features, you can eliminate many enemies and show your name to everyone on the leaderboard.


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