Yohoho.io Unblocked is a brutal battle royale io game. In this pirate-themed deathmatch, you'll start as a simple level 1 character who doesn't know how to swing his sword. With time and experience, you will gradually start to level up. Each new level makes your character grow a little and your sword stronger. You can become stronger by collecting gold coins scattered around the map while fighting. Collect as many gold coins as you can, which you can redeem in a shop screen that allows you to customize your character's appearances as well as unlock cool things like weapons and pets.

How to Play YoHoHo.io?

To grow, you must collect the gold around you. You must kill other players to collect their loot more easily. You must survive longer to level up your Yohoho.io character and explore new islands. Get new characters with your gaming friends to become stronger. You control your character with the mouse and in addition you must press the left mouse button to attack other players.


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