Unblocked game is an online game developed by the creators of Control your car and swing your gun against other players! There is a small map system in the game, so players who use the map well will have an advantage. Obtain energy from different sources to enlarge your weapon, become the number 1 player and be the sole ruler of the arena in this strange world where you can be swallowed by a black hole.

How to Play

Easy to play, hard to master. Click your mouse to swing your weapon and click again to pull your weapon back. If you get too close, green objects will steal energy from you. game is completely based on 2D physics rules, and after playing a little bit, you will get completely used to controlling your vehicle and weapon. You'll begin to develop your own strategies for catching your enemies, whether it's slamming them against the wall, waiting for them at the entrance to the main room, or getting them between you and your vehicle. Join this cleverly designed 2D game and play with millions of players worldwide in real time.

Things to know about game

You must direct your car in the game by moving it with your mouse. If you use your weapon actively, you can easily destroy many enemies and enlarge your own weapon by collecting their points. You can collect points in the game with both your weapon and your own character, but you must be very careful. Players want to set various traps for you in this game. For example, the tactic of entering into the shapes in the middle section of the game and hunting the enemies that enter those sections is currently the most popular point-collecting tactic.


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