Wormax.io Unblocked is another io game similar to Slither.io. You start as a small snake and try to grow by eating food. However, the most important feature that distinguishes this game from others is the boosters, which we will talk about in more detail below. The game is an easy-to-play and fun snake game that appeals to people of all ages. Control giant worms fighting to survive in Wormax.io! Compete against other players from around the world, consume energy, grow bigger and become the tallest worm on the server. There is only one rule that will keep you alive; Never hit another worm's tail or you will die immediately and your energy will drain out.

There are countless games of this type in the IO games category, but many users still prefer to play Wormax.io due to its smooth controls, great visuals and satisfying gameplay.

How to Play Wormax.io?

Move your mouse to steer the worm, press Q to speed up, and press W to stop briefly. There is also the option to make yourself invisible for about 5 seconds by pressing E. Use these abilities to your advantage depending on your situation. Need to escape from a dangerous situation? Speed up or ghost to pass through your attacker. Or maybe you're trying to trap a rival? Then you can stand dead in their tracks to catch them off guard and make them hit the tip of your tail!

If you've played a game like Slither.io before, you've learned the basics by now. You start as a small snake and try to dominate the map by killing snakes that are bigger and smaller than you. As I mentioned before, one of the coolest features of the game is the power-ups. There are multiple power-ups such as invisibility and you can use them to your advantage on the map. I know I promised to give more details, but after giving you this little hint, it will be much more fun for you to figure out the rest yourself, have fun and good luck!

Things to Know About Wormax.io Game

Can you become the champion of the game's never-ending multiplayer battles? Do you have what it takes to defeat your enemies, force them to make mistakes, expend as much energy as possible, and come out on top in every encounter? Enjoy Wormax io and its sequel, test your skills and transform into the biggest worm giant the world has ever seen!

Operating alongside equally large or larger opponents can be very dangerous. While larger snakes are slower, enemies near your snake may lure you in and move your direction so that your head hits their side. But you can also use this method to your advantage. Use it as a way to attract small snakes to your side. You should be very careful when you notice someone moving too close to you for comfort, as they may be strategizing and just trying to corner you in a tight spot.

Finding different power-ups is a very important detail in this game. With these boosters you can easily defeat your enemies and make your snake grow very quickly. While playing the game, taking advantage of the small map in the lower right corner of the screen is a very important criterion to be the first in the game. Apart from this, you can capture points by squeezing your opponents who are smaller than you by applying the circle tactic.


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