Unblocked game is the sequel of the original and exciting survival game. In this game, there are more items and weapons to use to help you survive. You can start by collecting materials such as wood and stone. You must use these materials and elements for tools, weapons, and shelters that will help you survive. Once you earn a simple pickaxe, you can collect more materials and accumulate a large stockpile.

In the wild, you have to be careful of everything moving around and to eliminate other players. If you want, you can form alliances with others and structure great defenses together. Alternatively, you can play alone and become a bandit struggling to survive.

How to Play Game?

In the Doomed2 io game, you can craft vehicles, create equipment, buildings and potions. Level up your character and increase the features so you will have more features. There is a hunger system in the game, so all players must control their hunger levels. There is a day and night cycle in the game. You can use the team feature and invite friends to the same room.

W,A,S,D – to move

Left click – to shoot or use the gun

Right click – use a weapon as a secondary weapon

Shift – doing business secretly

Q – drop item

R – sell building


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