Unblocked is a 2D fast-paced survival-themed battle game. This game is similar to other popular games such as and with its features. You will face off against other players in a massive gunfight, with the only goal being to be the last one standing. You'll start with just one pickaxe that can be used to mine, the mines you collect can later be spent to build walls for protection while in battle. To win this game you must think fast and keep moving, there is a constantly shrinking storm on the playing field. You must look for better weapons to protect yourself.

How to Play Game?

E/F – Interaction with items and chests

Left click – Shoot with gun

Right click – Aim or switch weapons

Q – Building mode to create walls

Space – Jump over walls and other obstacles

Shift – Running

R – Reload your weapon

Tab – View and manage your inventory

M – View the map

Shotguns are used to fire many rounds at a time and are good at close range. SMGs fire bullets quickly but have limited range. The Scar and AR-15 are great mid-range weapons, but the AR-15 deals slightly less damage. The Scoped Assault Rifle is good for dealing damage at medium to long ranges and has a longer scope than a regular assault rifle. The rifle has 3 shots, deals a large amount of damage and is perfect for long range combat.


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